thc detoxAre you in the habit of smoking a little amount of grass during the weekends or even every day? Does the law or your company have any right in telling you that it is wrong? It is our opinion that they don’t have any right to tell you that it is wrong and therefore we have created this THC detox guide to enable you to pass the drug test and get ahead in life.


How to THC Detox

Our group consists of individuals who have worked in facilities for drug testing at one point in time or another and we are aware of the tricks of the trade. We are also clearly aware as to which tricks will work and which will not. For your advantage, we have prepared a list of a few methods that can work well for you in clearing the drug test. In addition, there is a list consisting of paid options that has the capability to trick any drug test. Though many people will tell you that such products take you for a ride and do not deliver the results promised, we have observed that some of them do really work well for you. The methods used for passing the drug tests have been listed in the order of their usefulness. However, you must be aware of the fact that about two weeks time is required if you go for a natural THC detox. The methods listed herein should be of help in hastening the process.


Full Step for THC Detox Routine

1. Drink a lot of Water

Drinking a lot of water is one of the most important steps involved in detox. This is because water flushes out your body systems and cleans you naturally. In addition, it will also help you in diluting your sample to the extent that drug levels become undetectable. Drink up a lot of water so that the urine that you are passing is as clear as glass. In one of the other steps, we will provide you with tips on how to pass the clear urine.

2. Use Detox Drinks

If you have to present yourself for a test at a short notice, you may find it worthwhile to invest in some kind of detox drink. _______________ and ______________ are a couple of detox drinks that are good. The advantage of using these drinks is that they help to dilute your urine, give it a yellow color and the ingredients present in them will help to mask the presence of drug in it. If you have to THC detox in a shorter time period than the normal two weeks this certainly is the best method that you can use. Further, it is worth spending money on the best detox drinks, especially if you are in an emergency situation. If you want to know more about the detox drinks, you can find the information here.

3. Do Exercise

Drugs usually get stored in the fat cells that are present in your body. However, the fat cells go off when your body metabolizes them. Therefore, exercise is one of the best ways to eliminate fat cells and hence the drugs from your body. For the purpose of exercising, you may go to the gym, lift weights or even run. It is, however, recommended that you do more of cardio exercises to burn off fat cells. To ensure that you THC detox fast, this is a very important step.

4. Use THC Detox Pills

You can make use of some of the different THC detox capsules that are available if you don’t feel like spending money on the drinks which are really costly. My observation is that these capsules are capable of making my urine clear in a matter of few days after I smoke grass. These capsules are cheaper compared to the drinks and you can use them many times, especially if you have to take many drug tests.

5. Substitution

The last method we are going to discuss is called substitution and it does not have anything to actually do with THC detox. This method involves replacement of your urine sample with that of someone else or even an artificial sample. It is possible for you to achieve this in many different ways. Of course, it will depend on how your drug test is going to be carried out. If your employer requires you to get the drug test done, you will most likely be collecting your urine sample in a closed bathroom. This makes it easier for you to take in the urine to be substituted without being observed. You can carry the substitution sample in a condom tied and taped between your legs. To keep the sample at body temperature, you may also use handwarmers down there. Once you are inside the bathroom, all you need to do is put the substitution sample that you are carrying with you in the container given to you for collecting your urine sample. The idea of keeping the substitution sample between your legs is helpful in two ways. First of all, it remains hidden from the person who is taking your urine sample. The second benefit is that the sample remains at body temperature. If the substitution sample that you are using is too cold or hot, they will immediately know that it has not come from you.

Your tests will be monitored closely, especially if the testing is for courts. It will then be difficult for you to manage to substitute your sample with that of another person’s sample. However, you have a couple of options that you can consider in order to overcome this problem. You can become good at sleight of hand or you may buy the Whizzinator which is basically a fake penis. You can strap on the Whizzinator and make use of it at the time of the drug test. The dilo brand that produces the Whizzinator makes it very realistic. The Whizzinator contains false urine powder and ensures that the urine made with it has the correct temperature.


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These are all some great options that anyone who wants to clear a drug test quickly can make use of.

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